Hey, I’m finally just about back up


I have everything up except the trails. But I’ve also added state maps from Google that you can use to plan your own on the stat pages.

The site got hacked which had Google threatening to pull ad support because of what they added to it. I was wanting to switch it to WordPress anyhow, so rather than deal with finding the security hole I just did it. Then my web host accidentally delete several of my sites which set it back a few more weeks. That’s what I get for not setting up a backup first thing.  We are finally just about back.

I’ll get the trails up as blog posts. They will be accessible on this page and from a menu when I get them.

The piece I really like about WordPress is that I can allow comments easily.  I would encourage everyone to use it.  There are comments on each winery page so you can tell everyone what you think of them.  There are also comments on the state pages for more general comments.  Plus they are there on every individual post.

I’m going to allow most everything, good, bad, whatever.  Just don’t be vulgar.

Have fun.

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